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Hitting a plateau in your workout routine is normal, and sometimes it simply doesn’t involve the physical parameters of your workout.

Sometimes what’s holding you back is all in your mind.

This happened to Mike Westerdal, a friend of mine, not so long ago; here’s how he dealt with it.

I’ve worked hard to get to the very best I can achieve in terms of physical performance over the years, and I’ve helped others reach the same goal.

I’ve gone through advanced workout programs and followed precise nutritional guidelines to unlock my full potential.

I made every small adjustment for better results, enjoying constant if small improvements.

This didn’t last forever; I eventually ran into a roadblock.

It happened when I was working on building up my max bench weight. Nothing I tried could actually get me to increase the weight I was using. Changing my routine, altering my diet – nothing worked.

I was aiming for a 600-pound bench press, but I simply couldn’t get there, not in competition or in practice. I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced this frustration. Getting stuck on a plateau is amazingly irritating!

Nothing I was trying was giving me any help.

Things started to change when I happened to pick up a psychology magazine in the waiting room at my doctor’s office. I happened to spot an article on peak performance and pro athletes as I looked through the pages.

That’s when I suddenly realized that my problems achieving my bench press goals might not be physical but mental.



I pulled a few strings after I heard about Mike Gillette’s classes on “strength psychology” and got myself into one. Here I discovered the select psychological training system he’d employed in training law enforcement personnel and special forces soldiers.

I got my whole world turned around in just a few hours.

I had been stuck on the low side of the 600-pound barrier when it came to the bench press; I was past that mark just days after I went through Mike’s class and started using his simple exercises for improving my mindset.

My mood while using the exercises was terrific. I was highly motivated but also very calm. I was capable and confident and I had no difficulty on focused exclusively on the job that I had to do.

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I called Mike up to talk about the great results I’d gotten after a few weeks. I was curious to find out if these speedy changes were unusual. According to Mike, he said this wasn’t at all uncommon. He’s had a lot of students experience dramatic, life-changing turnarounds in just a few short hours.

I was so shocked by this that I was almost rendered speechless.


I had never really considered the idea that mental fortitude was something you could learn.

It’s not a natural quality you get at birth.

Mental toughness is something anyone can learn how to develop.

strength-psychology review pdf program download mike gillete video trainingIt doesn’t matter how old you are, how fit you are, and what sort of skills you’re working to perfect: with the right training you can overcome all sorts of stress (mental, emotional, or physical) and learn to put emotions aside.

It’s easier than you think to develop the sort of mental discipline and unshakeable calm that deliver strength and focus when you need them.



You’re capable of exercising the same sort of situational awareness that experienced military personnel rely on to keep themselves safe and alive.

Mike can show you how to take control of any situation instead of letting yourself get overwhelmed by unexpected circumstances.

It took some doing, but I’ve convinced Mike that it’s time to share his psychological techniques for mental training with folks like you. You’ll get access to the sort of effective training normally delivered to law enforcement personnel, soldiers, athletes, and other folks who have a professional need for mental toughness.

We’ve collaborated over the course of six months to refine the training and pick out the most effective exercises and pieces of advice.

The result is a comprehensive guide that will move you out of your “today” mindset and into a “warrior” mindset quickly and efficiently.

In this program, we’ve skipped the technicalities and the academic theories. All we’re interested in is delivering results in the most accessible and effective way possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hearing about these psychological concepts for the very first time; you’ll find them easy to grasp and be able to put them to work for you as soon as you complete the lessons.

I can personally vouch for the dramatic difference this training makes. I know from first-hand experience just how much power, confidence, and mental toughness you can develop using this program.

It’s time you took a closer look at:

The Psychology of Strength Program

This program delivers a no-nonsense step-by-step system that will help you overcome limitations, face down fears, and do away with any psychological factors standing between you and success.

This revolutionary program is the very first training system for mental toughness. It brings together highly effective training principles from fields as diverse as martial arts, sports psychology, law enforcement, military training, NLP, and hypnosis.

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You can get Strength Psychology as a set of two DVDs. It also comes with the Strong Mind Manual, a comprehensive reference guide that’s a vital adjunct to the DVD presentations.

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The presentations you’ll find on the discs come straight from Mike Gillette, the world’s foremost coach in the world of mental strength.

Each presentation will introduce you to new insider secrets and strategies designed to improve your mental discipline and achieve your goals.

In just its first 24 hours on sale, this product sold 388 of the 1,000 sets available.

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I’m sure you can relate to mental barriers.  Why is it that you can bench 300 lbs no problem but when you see 3 big plates on the bar for 315 lbs it feels so hard?  It’s not your strength, it’s your head.

Why can some guys lift the weight no problem time and time again in the gym, but when the pressure is on at the meet they bomb out?

If you’re experiencing difficulties with achieving continued excellence in the gym, your problem may be psychological instead of physical. Get the mental help you need and get back on track for achieving your personal best.

Here’s how you can learn the same secrets that helped my friend Mike
bench press over 600 pounds in competition.

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